Experiential Corporate Events and Why We Love Them
Experience. It's all about experiences! Many businesses have shifted their marketing approach to make sure consumers are involved emotionally. With this experience mindset, corporate events are a great opportunity to create brand loyalty.

Experience.  It’s all about experiences!

Many businesses have shifted their marketing approach to make sure consumers are involved emotionally.  With this experience mindset, corporate events are a great opportunity to create brand loyalty.

So, why are these events so effective?

They turn attendees into participants 

Experiential events are personal.  Instead of merely listening/watching a presentation, experiential events actively involve everyone in the room.  Every attendee has the opportunity to contribute and is encouraged to do so, tapping into the power of an entire group instead of one perspective.  These events are hands-on!  Attendees come together with creative solutions, each contributing in some way or another.

They have a lasting impact 

“I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand”.

People learn by doing.  This is much more effective and memorable.

Besides this, people also love to talk about their experiences, and by doing so, subconsciously increase their positive feelings about them.

They are practical and relevant 

Although experiential events seem like more fun and games than structure, this is actually strategic.  Attendees are given the chance to block out their connections to the workplace and rather work outside of the boundaries of job titles and levels.  Make sure you have a skilled facilitator to guide your event process to ensure this.

Our tips?

Incorporate sensory elements to create a memorable experience. 

Storytelling is now story-experiencing.  Brands often use narratives that evoke nostalgia or relatable moments to connect consumers to the brand.  But bring the story to life and you’re in a whole other ballgame.  That’s the mission of experiential events!

Donate your planning time toward creativity and strategy

These sorts of events are not as simple as they seem and require a lot of creative brainstorming.  Make sure your business has clear and well-defined goals of how and what you’d like your event to accomplish.  Evoking behavioral responses is key in this situation.

Interaction is key

By mixing people together and getting them to work on something together, natural connections are made through these interactions.  This team-building technique helps create better teamwork back in the office.

Choose a theme

Consider giving your event a theme to create an even longer-lasting effect on your attendees. Besides this, theming your event often masks the learning that is happening.


  1. Escape rooms

    There’s nothing like the satisfaction of solving an intricate puzzle, and when it’s a group effort, attendee engagement is almost guaranteed. The escape room, a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy, is a hot ticket for attendees who love a challenge. These pop-up escape rooms can be brought anywhere and customised for groups of all sizes by breaking attendees out into smaller teams.

  2. Formal dinners

    Formal sit-down dinners are becoming popular for their opportunity to really connect guests and employees.

  3. Chef demonstrations

    This is a great way to get everyone involved whilst enjoying a great evening of food and drinks.

  4. Oversized board games

    Put teams of employees against each other as a team-building activity.  Think giant Jenga and oversized guess who games!

  5. Corporate giving back activities

    Not only is this interactive, but it will leave everyone feeling good.  Reach out to a local initiative and see what you can do.  A friendly competition with teams competing to build the most staple food boxes is a great idea.

  6. Interactive technology

Not only do these types of events leave its attendees with practical skills to take back to the workplace, but they also help build connections.  We love them, and you should too.

Not sure how to activate your brand with an experiential event?  Pop us an email and someone from the Megara team will get back to you.  Let’s start planning your experiential company event!

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