Micro-weddings & why we LOVE them
Whether an intimate wedding has always been your dream, or you're making your budget go further, there’s no doubt about it that micro-weddings are a trend that we love!

It’s no secret that covid-19 has changed the wedding industry, but whether an intimate wedding has always been your dream, or you’re making your budget go further, there’s no doubt about it that micro-weddings are a trend that we love. From having to cancel or postpone weddings to hosting virtual weddings, couples are navigating today’s wedding industry in new waters. And while many couples have opted for waiting until they can have their larger fairytale weddings, an equal number of couples have decided to take the more intimate route!

With perks such as more venue choices, flexibility, and creativity in detailing, and a more intimate experience, what’s not to love? Lucky for you, we’ve got a few of our best tips and answers for planning your micro-wedding!

Don’t underestimate the price!

Couples often assume that because their wedding is much smaller, so will be the budget. For sure, your floral, catering, bar, furniture, and more will all be substantially less than what they would have been, but suppliers such as your makeup artist, photographer/videographer, venue, or coordination won’t change in price.

Put effort into finding the right venue

Making your wedding feel intimate may be harder than it seems, so consider a venue that won’t be too spacious for the number of guests you decide on. Considering non-wedding venue spaces is also a great and different idea! Think about a wedding in a small art gallery or private home with an open floor plan!

Don’t leave out details

Your guest list is smaller, but your detailing definitely shouldn’t be! Make sure not to leave out any detailing that you would have included in a larger wedding (for example, guest transportation).

Consider entertainment

A smaller guest count does mean you can spend a little more on other areas of your wedding, so think about unique and innovative entertainment solutions other than a night of dancing. Alternatively, consider having your wedding span over an entire weekend!

Don’t feel guilty about your guest list

The whole point of micro-wedding is the lower number of guests, so there’s really nothing to feel guilty about! Invite those closest to both of you and live-stream the ceremony to the rest of the people you would have maybe liked to invite. “At the end of the day, a wedding is just the day, that signals the start of your marriage”. With so many fun perks, we’re officially sold on micro-weddings. Hopefully, this has sparked some sort of inspiration and excitement as you begin your wedding planning process. Don’t forget to pop us a message if you need help!

With love,

The Megara Team xoxo

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