Hosting the Perfect Christmas in July Party
What's better than celebrating Christmas? Celebrating it twice! With everyone's past pandemic Christmas being disrupted, tis’ the season to have a drink with friends, eat good food, and be JOLLY (whilst being covid-safe)! Get ready to celebrate with these Christmas in July party ideas (sure to impress anyone invited)!

What’s better than celebrating Christmas? Celebrating it twice!

With everyone’s past pandemic Christmas being disrupted, tis’ the season to have a drink with friends, eat good food, and be JOLLY (whilst being covid-safe)! Get ready to celebrate with these Christmas in July party ideas (sure to impress anyone invited)!

Get creative with your party menu

With so many seasonal dishes and recipes available to choose from, it really all comes down to the presentation. A charcuterie board is always a great and easy idea. Assemble your array of finger foods into a pine tree. It’s Christmas (in July) after all!Other snack ideas could include cinnamon toasted almonds, red and white Caprese kebabs, cucumber and smoked salmon bites, cranberry cream cheese spread, or small mini Christmas pizzas.

We’d suggest putting most of the decorating/presentative efforts into the snacks and dessert and keeping your main meal more simple. A good ol’ Christmas ham with a pineapple glaze or a whole roasted turkey is always a winner with sides such as roasted potatoes, and an array of salads. If you’re wanting to switch it up, try a chicken roulade with spinach and mushrooms or a lemon and garlic roasted chicken. For dessert, Christmas cookies are always a great and easy idea. No-bake coconut balls, Santa cheesecake bites, or a red, white, and green pavlova are other festive ideas.

Don’t forget the drinks!

Our choice? Sangria all the way. This is also an easy drink to serve in a jug and is easily garnished with a few slices of fruit. A good alternative to this could be adding a splash of pomegranate juice to a glass of bubbles for a Christmas mimosa. Make festive ice cubes in advance by freezing red berries, mint leaves, or rosemary in your ice tray. Look out for different shaped ice molds like stars or Christmas trees if you really want to go all out! Hot cocoa is also a favourite and is great to serve at the end of the evening together with a Christmas cookie. Turn this into an adult dessert and add a shot of liquor, or blend with some ice cream for the children.

Get your DIY on

If you’ve got children, this is a great help and will keep them busy for a good few hours. Glitter pinecones, origami cranes, and handmade Christmas ornaments are just a few of the ways to keep the kids busy leading up to the party.


Most importantly, before you decorate your party area, make sure to tell your guests to decorate themselves in full Christmas attire! Deck the halls with boughs of holly (tralalalalaaaa). Christmas lights can’t be missed, especially if your party will be taking place in the evening. String these from the ceiling, along the table, in jars, or around a pillar.

A Christmas tree (of sorts) is essential. Find a small-sized Christmas tree or make your own from a small bush or wooden tree, or even decorate a larger houseplant with some lights and ornaments. Of course, we can’t forget the table decorations. Use a classic tablecloth and dress it up with all the Christmas colours! Loads of candles, ornaments, greenery, and even cinnamon sticks will create a visually perfect table setup.

Make sure to include Christmas party games

What’s Christmas without gifts? This is always a great idea and makes for some entertainment during your party. What better game to choose than Secret Santa? Not only does it keep the holiday tradition of gift-giving alive, but makes it more spontaneous! Assign everyone, someone to buy a gift for, or pass a hat around with names so each person can draw their recipient randomly. It’s always a good idea to set a price budget for the gift! Other fun entertainment ideas could include a Christmas Prosecco Pong game for the adults or getting someone to dress up as Santa Claus for the children.

Don’t forget your Christmas playlist!

You certainly can’t throw a Christmas in July party without a Christmas playlist! Spotify and Apple Music have great Christmas playlists to choose from or spend a few hours creating your own. We hope these Christmas in July party ideas help you throw an unforgettable party.

Need help planning your next party or event? Email us at and let’s get planning! Don’t forget to share this post with friends and family who love the idea of having more than one Christmas a year!

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