Wedding Venue Checklist
Booking your wedding venue may be the biggest decision you’ll make (aside from actually choosing to get married).⁠ And essential to your special day is finding the perfect venue. We’ve put together our list of all the questions we could think of, to ask your venue when you visit.

Booking your wedding venue may be the biggest decision you’ll make (aside from actually choosing to get married).⁠ And essential to your special day is finding the perfect venue.

We’ve put together our list of all the questions we could think of, to ask your venue when you visit. From catering, costing, availability, to accommodation, technicalities and décor – we’ve thought of them all!

Is the venue available on your chosen date? What are the nearest dates surrounding this?

Yes, of course, this is the most important question, and one you most likely won’t forget to ask. Whether you’re attending the visit with a set wedding date in mind, or with a more flexible date choice, this date MATTERS. After all, this will be your anniversary date for the rest of your life! If you have a date you’re determined to be married on, then having an open-minded approach to venue options is wise.

What is the venue fee? What is included in this?

Your budget is a huge consideration, so make sure you find out exactly what is to be included in the venue fee, for example service and cleaning fees.

How much is the deposit and when would it be due? Is this refundable?

The majority of venues will always ask you to pay a deposit, which may or may not be refundable. Make sure you ask about this as well as all the terms of the agreement before signing. Another valuable question is the structure of the payment schedule.

What is the cancellation policy?

Especially in today’s Covid world, understanding a venue’s cancellation policy is important to avoid losing any money spent or deposits. Some venues are open to moving your date if a postponement is needed, so be sure to find out their policies.

Are there different rates for different days of the week and times?

This is a good question to ask as many venues offer discounted rates for bookings during their off-seasons so make sure to ask for peak season and off-season rates. There are also often varying rates for times.

What is your catering policy? Is there a food and beverage minimum?

Whether you have a specific menu in mind or not, always ask your venue what their catering policy is. Many venues offer in-house catering and may have a food and beverage minimum that you will be required to meet as part of the signed contract. If you are set on a specific menu, ask if you can opt to use an outside vendor instead and what their requirements are surrounding this. They may have certain caterers they prefer to work with for coordination purposes.

If I don’t have a coordinator, who will be my main form of contact?

During your wedding buildup and on the day of your wedding, you will want to have someone incharge of the venue on speed dial for logistical purposes. Make sure to ask who this will be and gauge how reliable and responsive he/she is on your initial visit.

Are there any décor restrictions?

This may be important if you’re considering having a roof installation or want candles anywhere. Some venues may not allow candles or may have restrictions on whether or not you can hang decorations from the ceilings/on the walls.

Other questions to consider:


  • Is there a separate ceremony spot? Is there an additional charge for this?
  • How many weddings or events do you host in one weekend?
  • What is the rain backup plan?
  • What is the max guest count?
  • What time does everyone have to leave the venue?
  • How many bathrooms are there? Will we need to rent more?
  • Is there a parking area? How many spaces are there and will guests be charged?
  • Is the venue disabled-friendly?


  • Can you bring your own dessert and wedding cake if the venue does in-house catering? Do they have a fee for this?
  • Are there kitchen facilities available?
  • Can we bring our own alcohol in? If so, is there a corkage fee?
  • Do you offer menu tastings?


  • Do you offer accommodation? Are there any offered discounts for booking multiple rooms?
  • Is there a room for the pre-ceremony preparation?


  • Is the venue accessible for disabled guests?
  • Is there a parking area?
  • Is there a smoking area?


  • Is there a house fee/service charge?
  • Is staff included? If yes, what will they cover?
  • Is there an onsite parking area? Is there a cost involved in this?
  • Does the venue have its own sound and lighting
  • Are there any noise restrictions?


  • Are tables and chairs included? If so, is there staff available to set this up? Is there an additional fee for this?
  • Are tablecloths and serviettes included?
  • From what time can suppliers arrive?

We hope this list of questions will help guide and prepare you for your big day!

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