Top Wedding Trends for 2021
We dive in to the top wedding trends for 2021, including micro-weddings, elopements, wedding attire, hairdos and more

Now that we are finally able to celebrate with weddings again- it’s time we discuss the trends for 2021. What is clear, is that weddings going forward will look a little different from the kinds of big celebrations we are used to seeing in the past. Lavish affairs have now been replaced by intimate meaningful celebrations with unique details. This is a year of quality over quantity with weddings planned with purpose. But wait… there’s more…

Less Is More:

What the Covid pandemic has definitely taught us all, is that less is most certainly more when it comes to the guest list. Smaller, intimate celebrations have become a necessity and micro-weddings and elopements have become the norm. What we love about smaller celebrations is that they take the stress out of planning and allow you to create lasting memories with each of your guests, and the experience has become so enjoyable that we don’t see this wedding trend going anywhere.

Home Is Where The Heart Is:

As couples look for a safe and convenient place to host their wedding, backyard garden weddings have become increasingly popular. Not only are they a budget friendly venue option, but what is more special than saying “I do” in a space that is unique to your as a couple. For those that were longing for an international destination wedding, all hope is not lost, as you now have the opportunity to make use of often overlooked domestic locations that are just as stunning as their international counterpart- proving you don’t need to leave the country to achieve that perfect international destination wedding experience.

Outdoor Ceremonies:

Due to social distancing still being front of mind, outdoor wedding celebrations are quickly becoming the new normal and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Being free of traditional architecture means the door opens to unlimited style possibilities that are unique and special to the couple. Think jaw dropping backdrops, fairy lights and boho tents.

Bold Use of Colour:

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2021 is a perfect marriage between Ultimate Gray and Illuminiating, which is a very bright and vibrant yellow. Together, these colours represent strength and positivity, which are two attributes many couples would wish to incorporate into their union in 2021. 2021 is all about making things personal and tradition has gone out the window. We are seeing bold colour in wedding dresses, suits an décor bringing a strong, positive and eclectic energy to these celebrations.

Bye Bye Buffets

Wave goodbye to buffets and say hello to plated service. With the concern of touching shared surfaces still a concern for many, buffet tables have been temporarily cancelled which opens the door for an intimate, relaxed and stress-free intimate dining experience for your wedding guests. Plated meals require a dinner table, so don’t get us started on the flexibility this means we have in terms of table setting- and we are totally here for it!

Shorter Wedding Dresses:

Micro-weddings and elopements have become the new normal for 2021, and perhaps even 2022, and with that shorter wedding gowns are giving their longer glamour floor length gowns a real run for their money. Planning with purpose means perhaps recycling a family favourite, or finding that unique style off the rack, whatever the fit, there is a short dress style for every body.

Natural Hair:

As we said above, less is totally more, and this extends to hairstyles too. One trend we don’t see going anywhere are easy, elegant styles and classic curls. These versatile do’s can easily be incorporated into any wedding look, and by adding a veil or headpiece you can bring in your own personality and style. P.S did we mention budget friendly too? From bold colours to local destinations and intimate dinner tables, there are so many trends for 2021 that are getting us excited here at Megara and we can’t wait to incorporate them into your vision and bring your big day to life.

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