Wedding Flower Checklist
Your wedding floral checklist made easy. Everything you need to know about the florals needed on your big day

There are so many places to add florals at your wedding ceremony and reception and it’s easy to overlook a spot or two. Whether you’re doing your own flowers (wow, we’re impressed), or have someone doing this for you, we’ve created a quick checklist for every bouquet and arrangement that you need to plan for…

If you’re going simple, bouquets; boutonnieres and center pieces may be the only arrangements you need – but if you’ve decided to go all out, there are many other beautiful bloom aspects you need to consider. is is why a lower budget is essential. A clever trick we’ve come to love, is reusing some of your bloom arrangements throughout your wedding day. For example, reusing arrangements from the ceremony to reception, or repurposing pieces from the ceremony altar. is is a great and clever way to cut down on costs. We’ve broken our checklist into three main sections: Personal Flowers, Ceremony Flowers and Reception Flowers. Whatever your loral vision may be, this list should help you think over every possible type of lower you may need, all the way from bouquets to tossing petals.


Bride’s Bouquet

The most important bouquet. The most photographed floral piece. Not only this, but it will be your most special arrangement, so take the time to design your vision.

Bridesmaids’ Bouquet

A smaller, less elaborate version of the bride’s bouquet. These arrangements can be let out, but do make for fun pictures together with the bride. If you’re planning your flowers on a tighter budget, a good idea is to use your bridesmaid’s flowers for the bouquet toss instead of spending money on a separate bouquet.

Flower Girls’ Bouquet

We suggest keeping these arrangements small and simple or using bouquet alternatives such as petals or dried flowers.

Groom’s Boutonniere

This is a great way to match the bride and groom by using the same bloom. You can also consider including more boutonniere for the groomsmen and other important guests (for example, the ringbearer, parents, and grandparents).


Loose flowers for photographers, headpieces/flower crowns, corsages, or small handhelds.


Entryway/Welcome table

Not essential, but often a nice touch to welcome guests. Alternatives can easily be used such as branches, pot plants, or lantern/other lighting.

Aisle/pew Decorations

You can opt for arrangements all the way down either side of the aisle, or you can choose two statement arrangements on either side of the aisle entrance, the latter being more cost-effective. Smaller arrangements displayed at the end of every row/pew are also a nice idea.

Altar and arch

The wedding arch or display often serves as the backdrop for your ceremony and acts as a gorgeous set up for photos. Floral arches are both trendy and look stunning in pictures, but there are other ways to decorate this space without using lowers.


Unity candle, Stair/porch railings, tossing petals for guests.


Cocktail hour tables

This is a lovely way to greet guests upon arrival at the reception. We think small and simple is the way to go for this.


This is a great area to repurpose arrangements from the ceremony and is an easy way to spruce up your drink station.


Floral arrangements are displayed on guests’ tables and on banquet tables. Your guests are looking at these all night so give a bit more attention to these arrangements. i.e. bridal or sweetheart table is often more heavily embellished.

Cake Flowers

This is often overlooked, so make sure to include it in your budget if you’re wanting a floral-heavy wedding cake! Cake table floral arrangements should also be considered.


Restroom arrangements, your wedding getaway car, buffet table decorations. If you need help pulling your vision together, or just need help with on-the-day coordination, make sure to get in touch and we will gladly assist you further. Pop an email to and let’s set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your vision.

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